what is Isagenix

What is Isagenix?

What is Isagenix and how does it work

Isagenix UK distributor

Isagenix is a Health and Wellness Company that was formed in 2002 in North America.  One of the leading formulators in the world, John Anderson developed the Isagenix healthy weight loss program .  John partnered with  Jim and Kathy Coover  from Arizona who had vast experience in network marketing.  Isagenix is only sold through qualified consultants who use the products and can coach you for the best results.

What is Isagenix – when was the company started?

Isagenix expanded into the UK due to popular demand on May 15th, 2017 . Over 18,000 people were waiting for Isagenix to open its doors on May 15th, 2017. The UK is now the 13th country that Isagenix has expanded their products to.  Customers in the UK saw relatives and friends in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand lose weight and they wanted to use the products as well.  The testimonials speak for themselves.

The Isagenix product line consists of  systems to help people lose weight and also products for athletes who are looking for superior whey protein shakes and other products to improve performance.  The most popular pack is the 30 day weight loss system.

what is Isagenix

What is Isagenix – testimonials

Since 2002 Isagenix has interviewed thousands of customers who have lost 100-300 lbs.  There are now three customers who have lost 400 lbs.

What is Isagenix – how does the program work?

The program was developed to be very easy to follow. You replace two meals a day with a nutritious whey protein shake, and your third meal is a healthy dinner.

For more information, please email us. We are ready to help you lose weight and you get a free coach who will help you with all your questions and support you.  Ask us about our guarantee