Doctor John Anderson Isagenix

Dr. John Anderson Isagenix

Doctor John Anderson Isagenix – his story

Doctor John Anderson Isagenix – how a spider bite lead John Anderson to becoming the Founder of one of the Largest Health and Wellness companies called Isagenix.

Doctor John Anderson Isagenix


Doctor John Anderson Isagenix – the early years

When Dr. John was a child his mother purchased a liquid mineral from a man.  It was an awful tasting golden liquid . It turned out to be a mineral deposit powder that the man had mixed for days with water to make the liquid drink.  He used a gas powered cement mixer!!


This was his first exposure to the power of minerals.  Back then liquid minerals were used for sore throats to skin burns, this was common and everyone had their own story as to how the minerals helped them.

Dr. John W. Anderson – One of the most successful, well respected, top nutrition formulators of health and wellness supplements in the world.

John’s Grandfather, William, taught him the importance of organic farming and warned of the toxic world we now live in with the advent of new chemicals and pesticides. This was in the 50’s and 60’s. Imagine how much more toxic the world is today compared to 50 years ago!

This is something I have personally read about in an article about Depression and how the mineral lithium is no longer in our soil due to overfarming  and the use of pesticides.  Lithium is used for depression.  Dr. Marshall wrote an article about the depletion of minerals in our soils and I have quoted part of it here:


As a population, we are starved for nutrients, especially essential minerals. Considering the importance of these minerals in thousands of biochemical reactions spanning energy production, electrolyte balance, hormone and immune regulation – along with promoting a healthy and balanced nervous system – this topic should be getting far more attention.

United States and UK Government statistics show a decline in trace minerals up to 76% in fruit and vegetables over the period from 1940 to 1991 [28-29].


Doctor John Anderson formulator for Isagenix – the research

John’s interest was in human supplement nutrition and started looking for answers. The latest research was not in print yet and the Internet did not exist.  John researched colleges and sought courses but they were 3 to 5 years behind the lab he was associated with and had invested money in. The only way John could gain the knowledge he was looking for was to travel and visit research laboratories all over the world and work with them in botanical, mineral, and growing technologies.  John would hear of research being done in a certain country and he would hop on a plane.

Doctor John Anderson Isagenix
Dr. John Anderson lab – Formulator of Isagenix

1980 Founded a company called Integrated Health Network

His travels allowed him to source and bring in botanicals and ingredients from all over the world to formulate supplements. His first product was a liquid mineral.  Its base ingredient was a black silt like powder taken from pockets just under the earths crust.  This powder is an ancient plant deposit rich in over 70 ionic minerals and trace minerals.

Integrated Health became a private label manufacturer where John formulated over 2300 different formulations for over 600 companies throughout 27 countries from 1980 1999, retiring in 1999. Because of his reputation and the high demand for his work, he turned away more business than he was actually doing during these years. Some companies due to confidentiality shouldn’t be mentioned by name but have ranged from private label, direct sales, retail and network marketing companies. The products have been marketed and distributed out to “mom and pop” health food stores, to major health store chains, to distribution based companies.  Over 600 private label manufacturers, including GNC, Nature’s Sunshine, Met Rx hired him to formulate products.  Dr. John Anderson also designed custom formulations for the Military during Desert Storm, and professional teams such as Cowboys, Lions, Packers, Phoenix Suns, Eagles, amongst others.

A spider bite nearly killed him

Dr. John Anderson Isagenix – Just a year before John retired, in August of 1998, John was bitten by a brown recluse spider. Over one month he had nine surgeries.  Due to the toxins spreading systemically from the spider bite, it caused many health challenges, damaging his kidneys and eyesight.  His health deterioated to the point of needing a Kidney transplant as he went into Renal failure. In February 2005,  John stood in need of a kidney transplant due to the damaging effects of the spider bite in 1998. He received the left kidney of his daughter Kjersti Cote. Today John is in incredible health and has a new zip on life.  John regained health to a point, allowing him to continue to travel and research new raw ingredients and bring these discoveries back to the US.  One of these discoveries, Nepali Shilajit, a semi liquid substance that oozes out of the cracks and fissures of the Himalayan Mountains, led him out of retirement where his vision, passion and mission, to impact world health grew.  It is one of the ingredients in one of his flagship product Ionix Supreme one of my personal favourites.

The ingredients include:


Shilajeet (Shilajit) / Shilajit (Shilajit)

Siberian Ginseng

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) root extract


Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) root extract

Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis)

2001 – Doctor John Anderson Isagenix – the birth of Isagenix

Dr. John needed to find a way to promote and market the products he had formulated.

A few months later in early 2002, with this new cleansing technology, John founded a new company “Isagenix International” along with Co-Founders Cher Anderson and Jim and Kathy Coover.

“People have searched far and wide for the “silver bullet”, one raw material that would sweep the country and be the savior for health. The silver bullet does not exist in one ingredient. People walk up and down the aisles, trying to do their best by buying individual supplements with isolated ingredients to feed their whole body. Isagenix is a system with many ingredients that work together. We first assist the body with cleansing and detoxifying, then replenish and drench the body with micronutrients. The “bullet” for us here at Isagenix is more than 300 ingredients that all work synergistically together. I have been formulating nutritional products for over 30 years and have seen the power of nutrition.”

With intense formulating, John created the 9 day Cleansing and Fat Burning System within 72 hours. John and Cher along with the Coovers set out to give the 9 Day systems a trial run.  They all decided to be the first ones to try the system and prove the results.  Dr. John dropped 22 lbs., Jim dropped 15 lbs., Kathy 8lbs. and Cher lost 11 lbs.  John then shipped out 200 – 9 Day systems to friends and family where the average weight loss was 15 pounds in 9 days. This new cleansing technology that helped the body eliminate toxins and supported it nutritionally by supplying all the building blocks missing in our diet, proved to be the most needed and advance product line in the world.


Doctor John Anderson Isagenix  2010 – links  to Telomere research

John was introduced to a leading scientist in the Nobel Prize winning field of Telomere research. This is the latest in anti-aging technology and human health. John began searching for telomerase inducers, which will activate the gene that produces this enzyme in the body. September 23, 2010, John found his first telomerase activator, a discovery that will change the world. This product is called Product B and as of right now, the formula is on its 3rd generation as science and discoveries continue to reveal themselves.  It is now called Isagenisis

2017 Isagenix

Now celebrating the 15th anniversary and the expansion into the UK is being met with a lot of excitement by people who are aware of the line of Isagenix products.

Dr. John Anderson Isagenix – continues to formulate for Isagenix and launching the worlds most scientifically advanced and unparalleled products. He has become one of the most successful, well respected, top formulators of health and wellness supplements in the world.

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