how to raise healthy children

How to raise Healthy children – plant the seed early

Healthy children
Plant a healthy seed in your childs brain

How to raise Healthy children:

Healthy children learn very quickly and usually from their parents or grandparents.  I love to let my grandchildren into my kitchen. I find safe things that they can do and I explain everything to them.  I want to plant the seed early in their brains that Healthy food is all about choices.  I explain where all the fruits and vegetables come from and get safe tools out for them to help me prepare them.  We have so much fun with our apple corer and our spiralizer.  I have never seen kids eat so much cucumber until I put it through the spiralizer.  It took food fun to a new level.

healthy children

How to Raise Healthy Children

Tip #1  Set a good example by eating healthy yourself.  Isagenix has products for parents and children.  Set healthy intentions.  Drink more water and less pop.  Use products like Isagenix hydrate for you or your children at sports games.  Check the labels of some of the other “sports” drinks which has too much sugar

Tip #2  ~ is to be patient. Kids will make a mess and it will mean extra cleanup but the smiles are worth it. These are skills that kids do not learn in school and will use later on in life. They will also have healthy memories of cooking with their grandparents or Mom or Dad.  I remember showing my son how to use an electric frying pan when I was pregnant with his little sister.  I was always there to supervise but some smells would just set me off.  He would often brag when he was older that I showed him how to cook very early.  He had an amazing love for food and cooking.

This was never a family tradition but traditions have to start somewhere so why not with you. Parents are so busy, and even some grandparents are still working and do not have time,  or live way too far away.  I am fortunate because I work in a home business which gives me a lot of freedom to spend more time with my grand kids.Healthy Children need to learn about cooking and preventing Obesity

So how do we teach them without using words like “you will get fat if you eat this” or even using ourselves as examples “Eat bad and you will end up looking like me”  or “Don’t do what I did, do what I say”.  Let’s start by setting some healthy intentions.  I started a very healthy program back in 2010, so my grand kids see me eating very healthy and I think these habits are brushing off on them.  I encourage them to drink lots of water and we have a fridge that dispenses water and ice.  I show them the difference with cooking oils.  That in our house we prefer Olive Oil.  Instead of salty potato chips for snacks we eat air popped popcorn, rice cakes, or even some of my healthy snacks that I eat.  I show them how important serving sizes are and let them use the scale so they can see what 4 ozs of meat compared to 6 or 8 ors looks like.  We also talk about vegetables and how good they are and that it is better to eat less protein and fill up with healthy vegetables.  They help cut carrots, I let them break up broccoli and cauliflower with their hands, or if we have frozen peas I get them to measure them and put them in a saucepan.  And when I am in the kitchen I will often ask them if they understand or have any questions.  And when we decide to have a desert, I get them to help put ideas together for a recipe which they seem to really love.  They have not grown up drinking sugary drinks or pop so they tend to like apples a lot.  But that might have to do with the apple corer/peeler we let them use.

Healthy Children – help them choose more healthy eating establishments

If you have to eat out, minimize the choices of places you will eat at. Not only will you teach them the healthiest places to eat but also educate them on why the other places are not healthy.  WithoutyMinimize the number of meals eaten outside of the home. Through better observance and control of meals in the house, parents are able to more closely monitor the quality of the food, the way that it is prepared, and the portion sizes for their children.
Set aside structured family meal times. While it’s not always possible, parents should try setting aside at least one night a week to come together and eat as a family. In addition, have children help prepare food so they will have a more positive attitude about meal time.
4 Tips to Cooking With Your Kids

  1. Enlisting the help of your kids to help in the kitchen can be a little intimidating, and cause for a headache. But with the following four tips, you can take some of the stress out, and focus on the fun!
  2. Set your kids up for success. Structure their work areas so that they are less likely to spill or break anything and give them age-appropriate tasks.
  3. Set aside a time for cooking when there are no added time constraints. For example, weekends and school holidays can be a great time to do some fun activities in the kitchen with your kids.
    The easier a meal is to prepare, the more likely kids will be to want to try making them again. Try starting with things like breads, muffins, pasta, smoothies, salads, and sandwiches.
  4. Focus on creating balanced meals. Encourage children to serve themselves a variety of foods including fruits and vegetables (even if they won’t eat all of them).

While it’s inevitable that kids will snack on unhealthy foods like potato chips at school or enjoy some ice cream for a friend’s birthday, what’s most important is how they eat most of the time. This is where parents play a huge role. Studies suggest that when children help with meal preparation, they are much more likely to give new foods a try all on their own (2). Children who are involved in preparation also have a more positive attitude toward healthy eating, and tend to enjoy an increased variety of foods, including those dreaded vegetables (2-5).

Outside of the nutritional benefits kids gain, they also gain a sense of accomplishment for having contributed something to the family by helping prepare the meal. Most importantly, it’s a fun opportunity to pull kids away from the television or other electronics, and spend quality time together trying something new as a family.

Isagenix UK Distributor | Official Isagenix distributor | Products and pricing

isagenix uk distributor

Isagenix UK Distributor

Isagenix UK distributor

How to become an Isagenix UK Distributor for England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.  If you have family or friends in North America you would have heard about this business opportunity.

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Facts about Isagenix UK and distributors:

  • It has been the largest awaited market opening and is the first step into Europe.
  • We continue to make a positive impact worldwide on world health, free people from physical and financial pain.
  • This company in UK will be the largest health and wellness company in the World.
  • Isagenix UK distributor goals are to answer all your questions and making sure that you reach your health goals.

The hard work and dedication of Isagenix distributors/associates are the reason why they have grown so quickly and amassed so many distributors.  Distributors in Canada, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand work tirelessly to share their knowledge and their amazing testimonials.  We are looking for even more distributors who are passionate about Health.  Many of our customers are Nurses and Doctors and others in the Health field.  They work so hard to help others, and it takes a toll on them.

Our mission is to educate people and help millions of people in the UK who want to get healthy.  We will prove to you that this is the best program in the world.

Check out our video section and see Athletes, Fitness Experts, Gym Owners, and Personal Trainers who shared the products with their friends.  They have built teams of professionals, and have increased their business with our products.

Contact me if you would like more information regarding becoming an Isagenix UK distributor and building your business to the next level.  I can be reached via Twitter, Instagram, or contact me on my personal Facebook page .  It will be great to get to know each other and find out what your personal goals are.

Isagenix UK Distributor



isagenix uk distributor



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Nourish for Life why you should use it

Nourish for Life

Nourish for Life give you the nourishment you need on a daily basis, and Nourish for Life provides essential nutrients including B6 and B2. Why are these important? Vitamin B6 supports some of the body’s key functions including the nervous system and the immune system1, while vitamin B2 also contributes to normal vision1. Nourish for Life contains thiamine too, which supports the normal functioning of the heart

nourish for life

When the weather is warm, simply pour Nourish for Life over ice for a refreshing drink or dilute it by mixing it with cold water. Cold?  Swap the cold water for warm water and drink it like a tea.  Some people prefer Nourish for Life in the morning, while others prefer it in the evening or between meals. Try all three, and find your favourite!

Did you know

it is suitable for vegetarians and is free from dairy, gluten and soy to help enable even more people to enjoy and experience the benefits of this drink

How often should I drink it?

For ‘Deep Revitalising,’ drink 8 tablespoons (118 ml) with cold water four times a day. Deep Revitalising may be done for no more than two consecutive days. For ‘Everyday Revitalising,’ drink 2-4 tablespoons (30-59 ml) up to twice a day.

How can I buy it?

Buy it in one of our UK packs and systems. You can place orders in the UK from 15th May 2017 through an Associate or in the Back Office.


Isagenix athletes pro golfer

Isagenix athletes pro golfer

Isagenix athletes pro golfer story.


Since her youth, Anna Nordqvist an Isagenix athletes pro golfer,  has struggled with many food allergies and intolerances but has never let those stop her from becoming a successful athlete.

“Growing up in Sweden, breakfast was a ham and cheese sandwich, yogurt, or oatmeal – none of which I could have,” said Anna.

Anna has been allergic to flour, dairy, and oats since childhood and has more recently developed intolerances to certain fruits and nuts, making it difficult to get the nutrition she needs.

“I’ve never focused on what I can’t eat, just on what I can,” she said.

Being a Pro golfer is tough, especially when you have so many intolerances.  This Isagenix athletes pro golfer found the solution.

Anna has never given up on finding nutrition that gives her the fuel she needs, and after trying close to 15 different protein shake brands, she finally found the right match with Isagenix.

Isagenix athletes pro golfer
Pro Golfer Anna Nordqvist Hits a Hole-in-One With Isagenix



Full story

cleansing diet | benefits of cleansing

Cleansing diet – the benefits

Cleansing diet

When you say “cleansing diet” most people imagine that it will involve frequent trips to the toilet.   But companies that offer cleansing diets like Isagenix, have come up with the ideal way to cleanse that is very healthy and the results are the proof.  And no frequent toilet trips

Isagenix incorporates cleansing in their health and their weight loss program.  When you look at the information on the website you will see that cleansing has come a long way.  The results of combining a healthy diet, their healthy program and cleansing has helped so many people lose weight.  Isagenix cleansing diet is available in 13 different countries.  The testimonials from people who have cleansed and lost anywhere from 5 kg right up to 181 kgs and kept it off.  They have a 100-400 lb club and a page full of testimonials.  More information about the product Nourish for Life can be found by clicking on the image

cleansing diet

What Sandra 39 yrs young said about the cleansing diet:

Skeptical even when introduced to the products by her cousins, Sandra says her mind was quickly changed shortly after she began using the Cleansing and Fat Burning System, not to mention how she felt after 30 days on the system.

“I had it in my mind that I was just going to do it and let the product run its course and decided to see how my body reacted,” Sandra says. “I used to work out to get healthier and lose weight, but I always felt tired. It felt so much easier to get out and play tennis—just simply make it happen.”

Soon, her clothes began to grow looser on her body and she had to go buy new ones. As she stuck to taking her daily vitamins, drinking her shakes, eating balanced meals and getting active, the weight began to melt off until finally she reached the 100-pound* mark.

Not only has losing the weight impacted her health, but it’s transformed her family’s eating habits, as well.


What Kerry aged 45 said about the cleansing diet:

The day Kerry decided to go on a hike with her family was the day she realized she needed to make a change. As three of her nine kids ran around full of energy, Kerry could barely keep up, let alone breathe. When her eldest son asked her if she was okay, and she responded that she was not, Kerry was shocked, and scared by his response, “Mom, if anything happens to you, I can’t carry you down the Mountain. You’re too heavy.”

Kerry’s friend who originally introduced her to Isagenix, before Kerry was ready to make a lifestyle change, had passed away. “By the time I needed her, she was gone,” says Kerry.

However, after the mountain experience with her children, Kerry decided she no longer wanted to be ‘that’ person anymore and committed to change.

True Freedom at Last

Now 115 pounds* lighter, Kerry is able to keep up with her nine kids. Kerry states that she’ll never forget moments that truly represented how much her weight loss changed her life.

“My family all went out for a walk one day, and our new puppy had gotten loose,” shares Kerry. “Without hesitation I took off running after the dog. I suddenly realized that I no longer hurt or ached; I was able to run! Needless to say my family was in shock. They had never seen me run!”


Marlee aged 61 said this about the cleansing diet:

Turning a Problem into Passion

Riding motorized carts and merry-go-rounds is no way to live. For Marylee L. who struggled with being overweight, the merry-go-round of weight loss, weight gain and fad diets had taken their toll, physically and emotionally. “I was a professional dieter, seeming only to be able to gain weight. I resigned to being overweight forever. I lost all hope of ever losing weight or even just being happy with myself.”

As her weight teetered, other challenges started to develop. “My knees had gotten so bad I couldn’t even walk around the block,” Marylee recalls. “In stores, I had to use the motorized electric carts reserved for the disabled. I felt so old.” Her health and self-esteem went from bad to worse. “My breathing had gotten so bad. I even hated to shop. I was 58 years old, 5 foot and wearing size 3X clothes. I missed out on so much because I was too heavy, had no energy and had given up on life!”

A Breath of Fresh Air

Just when things were really getting bleak, Marylee was introduced to Isagenix. “Two of my friends actually introduced me to Isagenix in the same week!” Marylee fondly recalls, “A friend from high school invited me to her house, and suggested I try a shake… I was surprised how much I liked it!” There were other signs, too. “In that week, another friend–who was also focused on losing weight–approached me. She was worried about my troubled breathing and suggested I consider Isagenix®. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I started with a 3-month supply. I lost close to 50 pounds*and decided to join the company!”

Seeing the results in the mirror helped her stay committed. “The success stories I read from others on Isagenix really gave me hope. After experiencing the results firsthand, I knew I could transform my life, too.”


Start your life UK programme

start your life UK programme

Start Your life UK programme

start your life UK programme

Who is – Start your life UK programme

you might have heard about it from your Canadian, Australian or American friends.  It is now starting in the UK and we want to welcome you to learn more. Please watch this video and see how exciting this movement is

Who should do this programme for – Start your life UK 

START your life is a passionate, growing team of young people aged 18-35 who strive to lead extraordinary lives and help others do the same. They are innovators driven to live beyond the status quo.


start your life UK programme

How to join  -Start your life UK 

This programme was the idea of Eric Coover of Isagenix International who started the Start your life programme in North America, Australia and 12 other countries.  Start your Life is an international culture because they are looking for change.  The programme starts with the Isagenix Products and builds into the Start your Life programme and culture



Around the globe, Start Your life international members have employed strategies with the goal to transform their lives with the help of Isagenix products.

You no Longer have to do what your parents did.  Be your own boss.  #startyourlife


Watch these videos and see if one of them resonates with you

One of the FIRST MILLIONAIRES in the Start your Life programme.  She is from Australia.  This is her story


Mara’s Story with the Start your life programme

Whitney and Calvin’s story with the Start your life programme

Matt and Jamie Start your life programme story

Amie and Andrei Start your life programme from New Zealand

Emilie T. –  Start your life programme from Australia

Journey H is from the USA and a great leader in the Start your life programme

What are YOU waiting for? Join the Start your life UK Programme by sending us an email now  We will show you how you can change your life, your families life and your friends.  We will supply you with all the training, the tools, your own website and so much more.


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Intermittent fasting vs Isagenix

Intermittent Fasting Vs Isagenix – the benefits and history

James Clear is one person who supports Intermittent Fasting, but is probably not aware of Isagenix.   He suggests skipping breakfast and eating two meals a day.  He talks about a study done in 1945 about Intermittent Fasting but the problem is you have to pay to be able to read this report. (shame) He also talks about the benefits of fasting prior to chemo and showed the results.


Intermittent fasting vs Isagenix

Ten cancer patients receiving chemotherapy, 7 females and 3 males with a median age of 61 years (range 44-78 yrs), are presented in this case series report. Four suffered from breast cancer, two from prostate cancer, and one each from ovarian, uterine, non small cell carcinoma of the lung, and esophageal adenocarcinoma. All patientsvoluntarily fasted for a total of 48 to 140 hours prior to and/or 5 to 56 hours following chemotherapy administered by their treating oncologists.  It is a very interesting study with scientific proof

In Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand they have an amazing program which supports intermittent fasting called Isagenix.  It is being launched in the UK in Q2 of 2017.  It brings all the benefits of Intermittent Fasting, healthy supplements, dairy and gluten free products in one company.  They have taken intermittent fasting to a new healthy level.  They wrote an interesting article about Intermittent fasting.  The article is very interesting and backed by peer reviewed studies regarding the not so healthy  UK’s Fast Diet.

Intermittent fasting vs Isagenix – read about The **Isagenix system, unlike The Fast Diet, is also backed by clinical data showing that it leads to healthy weight loss, fat loss (without the muscle loss, especially if exercise is included), and better cardiovascular health. The end result is curbed food cravings, successful weight loss and maintenance, preservation of muscle mass, and finally, a long-term lifestyle that will get you healthier than ever before.Isagenix offers their products through consultants who use the products, they then recommend their friends and family.  The results are outstanding and the weight loss stories from people who have lost up to 28 stone are inspiring.  If you have family in North America, Australia or New Zealand please share this page with them.

How can you take advantage of the benefits of intermittent fasting without the drawbacks of the 5:2 diet approach that include eating too much, losing muscle, and not getting enough vitamins and minerals? Look to Isagenix for the perfect program that takes the guesswork out of intermittent fasting and how to do it right.

The Science and peer reviewed reports with Isagenix

Many people (skeptics) will go to their doctors for advice.  But if the doctors have not read the peer reviewed studies they will not recommend it to their patients.  This Isagenix link above will provide you with enough proof and show how Isagenix scored when it was compared to the Healthy Heart Diet.  More and more doctors, naturopaths, and herbalists are recommending Isagenix products.  Isagenix has a dedicated Youtube channel as well or you can contact this website as we are Isagenix consultants and can connect you with any of the professional advisors.

Amazing customers who compared  Intermittent fasting vs Isagenix and decided to do the healthier choice with Isagenix.  The testimonials are from North American customers.  There is also videos for Australia and the other countries where Isagenix is available.

For more information regarding Isagenix in Canada, the USA, Australia or New Zealand, please complete the form below.  If you have questions regarding the countries where Isagenix is available please contact us directly:
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**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Isagenix UK LAUNCH | how to enrol


isagenix uk launch

Isagenix UK

has informed all Isagenix representatives in Canada, the USA, Australia and all open countries that they are now allowing you to pre enrol.  What does this mean?  When the products are available in the warehouse and Isagenix has officially launched, you will be able to purchase the products from me.  I am an Isagenix representative for the UK and my job is to answer any questions you have regarding the products.  I will keep you updated on the launch date which we expect to be in Q2.  It is important that you contact me as soon as possible to get a customer number.  This will allow you to order as soon as products are available.

Contact Page

What Isagenix Products will be available in the UK?

At this time we can only show you what is available in Canada, the USA or Australia for example.  The prices will be set in UK  British Sterling and there will be taxes and shipping added.  As in every launch of any new product in a new country, it takes countless hours and manpower to get everything.  Every product must be approved by a Governing body and some Isagenix products names may have to be changed in order to be approved in that country.  This has happened in every country.


Isagenix UK launch will be massive and over 65 million people will witness the impact they will have on every single person

It was sad to hear that 67 percent of working-age men and 57 percent of working-age women in the UK are overweight.  On top of that there are millions of athletes looking for a competetive edge of premium quality nutrition to supplement their healthy lifestyle.  Isagenix plans to invite athletes at every level to try the products and witness the difference in their overall health and performance.

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What can Isagenix products do for you?

Watch this video.  Today is the Day that you say enough is enough.  You are tired of being tired.  Having no energy affects every part of your life.  Isagenix has inspired people of all ages to be the best they can be.  We are what we eat and we can not expect a different outcome if we do the same thing every single day.  Please watch the video below:
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