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Isagenix Ireland

Isagenix Ireland products

Isagenix Ireland products and distribution

We are very pleased to be one of the official distributors of Isagenix in Ireland.  Our most popular product is the 30 day system.  You get everything you need, instruction booklet and free coaching and support from us.  Please note Isagenix is only available in Northern Ireland, we hope to launch in Southern Ireland soon.  Contact us for more information

Watch this great video about how to use the program

Isagenix Ireland

Isagenix in Ireland officially opened on May 15th, 2017.   There are no other products like them.  If you have family in Canada, the United States or Australia you will have heard about the great results.  If you would like to introduce your family to the products in these countries you can click on this Isagenix consultant website where you can see products for all countries that offer Isagenix

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