Healthy weight loss

Healthy weight loss

How many healthy weight loss programs are there in the UK?

The news that Isagenix was launching in the UK on May 15th was met with a lot of excitement.   Isagenix has offered healthy weight loss in 12 other countries.  Customers love that Isagenix is not just a weight loss provider.  They offer products for energy, sleep, solutions for athletes.  Customers of Isagenix have family in the UK  and have read the ever growing number of positive testimonials. The growing obesity numbers are shocking in Europe in general and that is why we Isagenix expanded into the UK


What I LOVE about the UK

Healthy weight loss
Getting Healthy with Isagenix

Living in UK there was a noticeable difference in the number of people who walk. With parking at a premium in front of your house, many opted to walk and take buses or the train.  But what I also loved about the UK the most, were the PEOPLE.  They were so open minded about new ideas and opportunities.  With all the problems with the NHS they started looking for ways to get healthier.  They demanded healthier foods in pubs and at the shops.  After the Summer Olympics in 2012 even more consumers started to get involved in aerobic exercise, marathons, triathlons.  You can be the best athlete but without the right nutrition you will never reach your potential.  Everyone was looking for a healthy weight loss solution.

But Exercise is not enough

If you continue to eat the way you do without changing your diet you will never lose weight.  It starts at your breakfast table, your dinner table. More people in the UK are getting advice from professionals.  This is why Isagenix hired the best Doctors, Scientists, vitamin formulators, naturopaths  and leading nutritionists who specialize in healthy weight loss.  They are the reason why Isagenix has been so successful in so many countries.  They have the knowledge and work hard to find solutions for people who are having problems losing weight or regaining their health.  They also have solutions for athletes who are not getting the results they are looking for.  It also speaks highly of Isagenix products when you see athletes up to the Olympic level who are using them.

Intermittent fasting is a proven way to lose weight.  Isagenix works in the same way as Intermittent fasting and they have three peer reviewed studies.

Isagenix is proud to expand in the UK.

It is the first step and their plans are to expand further. Healthy weight loss products will take a bite out of the high numbers of obesity in the UK.


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