The Healthy Diet UK

The Healthy Diet UK

The Health Diet UK has just launched.  

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May 15th, 2017 Isagenix launches in the UK.  The Healthy diet used in 12 other countries has expanded into the UK.  It is hard to find a diet that is good for the long run.  Fad diets are just that.  Fads.  You can not stay on it for the rest of your life.  We would prefer to remove diet from the conversation and talk about a healthier lifestyle for LIFE.


The Daily Mail UK had a great article about detox diets


‘A detox diet can relieve a host of health problems, from weight gain,
abdominal bloating and indigestion, to headaches, poor skin, loss of energy
and the feeling of not quite “being right”.
After years of experience in the field, Troup says she has finally come up
with a simple, pain-free detox programme.
The main principle of the pain-free detox programme is to eliminate common
allergy-inducing – ‘toxic’ – foods and drinks from your diet for a week.
‘After just three days on this toxin-free diet most of my patients notice
a substantial difference in their body shape, energy levels and self-esteem.’
Portion size is up to you. Because the foods recommended are high in fibre and low in fat – and you’ll be drinking plenty
of water – it’s unlikely that you will be able to, or even feel like,

In the article they talk about eliminating the negatives which we agree.  Isagenix offers an easy program that all ages can use.

the healthy diet UK

How to elimate the negatives for a Healthy diet

  • Remove dairy out of your diet for – Lots of clients have become Lactose intolerant which basically means STOP drinking milk or enjoy finding washrooms every five minutes.  I love lactose free milk but have eliminated most of my milk consumption to reach my weight loss goals.
  • Wheat is another big no no for me.  I can not tolerate wheat but I do not follow a gluten free diet.  Even though my new diet has a lot of gluten free products which is another bonus.
  • Red Meat – as my friend (a nutritionist) told me is something I needed to avoid  I have not stopped completely but I saw a difference.  High Cholesterol and red meat  It is always recommended that you eat lean meat of any kind
  • There are so many recipes for chicken, fish, tofu and eggs.  Here are some 300 calorie recipes for Chicken
  • Bread, biscuits.  I know some friends who would die before they gave up bread.  But what about zero fat biscuits?
  • More veggies please.  You can’t go wrong, just do not lather them with oil, butter or other fats.  Try olive oil or flaxseed oils to cut calories and make it more healthier
  • Flavour with garlic and onions (cleansing)  We always have garlic at our house and love finding healthy garlic recipes 
  • Read labels.  I just bought coconut water the other day and was thrilled it was only 45 calories.  But then I took my magnifying glass out and saw that was for only 1/2 of the container..what??  Read the labels folks.
  • Water, water, WATER.  Ok you get the hint, drink lots of it for its cleansing properties when you add a little apple cider vinegar.

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The healthy diet UK knows how well the products work.  Watch the testimonials from North American clients who use Isagenix who have lost 100 – 300 lbs.  There are now several clients who have lost 400 lbs.


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