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Isagenix Isabody Challenge

Isagenix Isabody Challenge – what is it?  Where can I join?

As Isagenix has finally launched in the UK, clients are busy preparing for their first Isabody Challenge.  Follow the program, enter by using a photo with you holding a newspaper to prove the date you started, and then post an after shot.  Everything is explained in the Challenge website.

Isagenix Isabody Challenge

Have you heard about the IsaBody Challenge®?

One of the biggest and most popular program that Isagenix offers worldwide.  Ask anyone who has participated in the Isagenix Isabody Challenge if it was worth it.  Just for participating, and finishing you still get an achievement award.  A great way to hold yourself accountable and have fun too

Customers join the Isagenix IsaBody Challenge for many different reasons. Some are looking for a way to achieve their physical goals, or a way to stay motivated to maintain their good health. But for others, it’s the prizes and the chance to be the Grand Prize Winner that excites them the most.  Whatever your reason, the Isagenix IsaBody Challenge is your opportunity to be part of an amazing event.  Why not start one at your place of employment?

What Is the IsaBody Challenge?

The IsaBody Challenge is a 16-week health and wellness challenge for Isagenix customers only. We believe that transformations are possible for everybody, and together we inspire, we support, we reward and we exceed our goals. We challenge you to embrace your full potential: transform your body, transform your lifestyle. You can sign up officially from 15th May 2017 here.

How can the Isagenix Isabody Challenge help me?

The Challenge acts as a built-in accountability system; providing you with a 16-week timeline to achieve your goals.
You and other participants will support each other and keep each other on track throughout your journey.
We provide a variety of social media tools to help keep you moving in the right direction.
What are the prizes?

Isagenix Isabody challenge

Isagenix Isabody Challenge video

Watch Brenda’s story

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