Premium Pack program professional soccer players

Premium Pack program Professional soccer players

Why do Soccer players prefer this Premium Pack from Isagenix?

The Premium Pack program Professional soccer players use is the Weight Management Premium Pack by Isagenix.  Offering the highest quality whey protein meal replacement shakes, Amped hydrate for hydration and the famous product Ionix Supreme.  Read more about the benefits of Ashwaganda


Premium Pack program professional soccer players

What do you get in the Premium Pack program Professional soccer players prefer?

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Isagenix UK launch May 15th

Isagenix UK launch

Isagenix UK launch

Isagenix UK launch – who is Isagenix?

Isagenix is a Health and Wellness company that was formed in 2002.  One of the worlds renown formulators, John Anderson came to Jim and Kathy Coover with amazing products that he had formulated.  The Coovers had a background in Network Marketing and became the force behind the launch of Isagenix.  They have expanded their product line from weight loss products, to products formulated for athletes, energy solutions and much more.

Isagenix  launch – what other countries offers Isagenix products?

Isagenix UK launch

With the Isagenix UK launch, it makes 13 countries in total and Isagenix has not intention of stopping in the UK.  With the high numbers of obesity in the UK, Isagenix knew it was a country that needed healthy weight loss solutions.  The numbers do not lie and this has happened in the last 30 years according to the NHS website

Isagenix UK launch

Where can I buy Isagenix products in the UK?

Visit our website, Contact us


Athletes use Isagenix

Athletes use Isagenix

Athletes use Isagenix because it is highly recommended by top personal trainers and nutritionists.  Isagenix provides athletes with products to improve performance and stamina.  Athletes biggest priority is keeping hydrate.  Athletes include golfers, soccer, hockey players,  certified professional trainers,  and top gyms in the UK.  The testimonials from Athletes are great.  This is from a personal trainer.

Athletes use Isagenix

As a part-time aerobics instructor and personal trainer, Lindsay has always been passionate about fitness, but it wasn’t until she was introduced to Isagenix that she truly had the opportunity to focus on that passion. She loved what she was doing to help others with their health, but as a full-time dental hygienist and new mom, she was running out of energy.

“I was addicted to caffeine, and I felt like I worked out all the time without seeing the results I thought I should see, especially being in the fitness industry,” said Lindsay. “So when Jennifer Trinkner told me about Isagenix, I decided to try the products.”

After trying what seemed like every protein and supplement on the market, Lindsay finally saw the positive changes she was craving after using Isagenix. Her clients started to take notice, and Lindsay soon realized that she had to start sharing the products.



As a certified personal trainer, I teach a lot of group classes and help my clients reach their goals, and those goals range anywhere from weight loss to muscle gain to increased energy. As a health coach, I also write nutritional guidelines for my clients, but there’s more to that than just telling them what to eat. It’s about adopting a healthier lifestyle, so Isagenix is great because I can get them started with the products and connected with the Healthy Mind and Body program.

If you are an Athlete and want to use Isagenix.  Please contact us below

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the UK Diet partners with Isagenix UK

Isagenix UK

The UK Diet partners with Isagenix UK

We are very excited to partner with one of the largest Health and Wellness companies.  Isagenix UK.  The UK Diet will be one of the official distributors for Isagenix products.

In 2017 we are very excited to be launching a new program for clients in the UK. The UK is in crisis. The obesity levels are rising. according to this article in the Guardian.  The UK Diet page will be supporting and guiding people into a healthier 2017.  If you are looking for a healthy program we would love to introduce you to Isagenix  Many people in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales have relatives in Canada, Australia and the USA.  They have seen first hand how superior the products are and the results are not just weight loss.  Athletes up to the Olympic level are using Isagenix with great success.  They have seen improvements in their energy and performance.  Every athlete in the UK including soccer players, rugby players, people who do marathons or triathlons know how important it is to stay hydrated but also to eat the right foods.  They must have the right diet in order to enhance their performances.


the UK diet

The UK Diet will help

There needs to be a change in the way we eat.  Fast food restaurants, heavily fried foods, too much drinking.  But UK is not the only country having an obesity problem.  Hopefully 2017 will be the year to combat obesity in the UK with the release of a new healthy program.  Health and Wellness should be our priority.  Would you prefer quality of life or quantity?  Being overweight leads to many other complications and surgeries.  Our hips and knees can not take the strain of excess weight.  We were never meant to carry and excess of 3, 4 or 5 stone.  Lists for surgery is becoming longer and the NHS can not handle the strain.
If you would like more information about the Isagenix Wellness Plan, please fill in the form below.  You will be assigned a customer number and when the company launches you will be able to order products. The Isagenix launch is expected to be 2017.  They have a big vision to offer their products throughout Europe in the future.

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e-Shot Isagenix natural caffeine shot

e-Shot Isagenix natural caffeine shot

e-Shot Isagenix natural caffeine shot

All you need to know about e-Shot Isagenix natural caffeine shot


e-Shot is designed for those looking for a more mental and/or physical performance boost, anyone looking to increase their body’s capacity to perform better under stressful circumstances, and anyone looking to enhance physical activity and recovery.


e-Shot may have beneficial effects on endurance and stamina due to its adaptogenic botanicals. Adaptogens have been studied in athletes for decades, most notably in Russian Olympians, and have been shown to support increased energy production and improved endurance by decreasing the perception of effort and elevating cardiovascular function. Research also shows a benefit to exercise performance after consuming caffeine.

e-Shot Isagenix natural caffeine shot


Many other energy shots may have excessive levels of caffeine, which could potentially cause unwelcome side effects. They may also use too much sugar (excessive amounts), artificial sweeteners, flavors and coloring. In addition, no other energy shot on the market contains our proprietary adaptogenic botanical blend that helps provide the simultaneous boost to energy and physical performance.


Caffeine can ward off drowsiness and restore alertness, optimizing mental performance and enhancing mood.
Caffeine derived from green tea or yerba maté can increase basal metabolic rate, helping to burn more fat and maintain weight loss.
Caffeine stimulates the brain and contributes to clearer thinking and greater concentration during mental tasks.
Caffeine also acts as an ergogenic aid—allowing athletes to train harder and longer.
e+ contains naturally occurring caffeine from green tea and yerba maté, which can be a healthy addition to your routine if you’re seeking an energy boost.

Learn more about the benefits of Adaptogens in e-Shot Isagenix natural caffeine shot and in Ionix Supreme


how to raise healthy children

How to raise Healthy children – plant the seed early

Healthy children
Plant a healthy seed in your childs brain

How to raise Healthy children:

Healthy children learn very quickly and usually from their parents or grandparents.  I love to let my grandchildren into my kitchen. I find safe things that they can do and I explain everything to them.  I want to plant the seed early in their brains that Healthy food is all about choices.  I explain where all the fruits and vegetables come from and get safe tools out for them to help me prepare them.  We have so much fun with our apple corer and our spiralizer.  I have never seen kids eat so much cucumber until I put it through the spiralizer.  It took food fun to a new level.

healthy children

How to Raise Healthy Children

Tip #1  Set a good example by eating healthy yourself.  Isagenix has products for parents and children.  Set healthy intentions.  Drink more water and less pop.  Use products like Isagenix hydrate for you or your children at sports games.  Check the labels of some of the other “sports” drinks which has too much sugar

Tip #2  ~ is to be patient. Kids will make a mess and it will mean extra cleanup but the smiles are worth it. These are skills that kids do not learn in school and will use later on in life. They will also have healthy memories of cooking with their grandparents or Mom or Dad.  I remember showing my son how to use an electric frying pan when I was pregnant with his little sister.  I was always there to supervise but some smells would just set me off.  He would often brag when he was older that I showed him how to cook very early.  He had an amazing love for food and cooking.

This was never a family tradition but traditions have to start somewhere so why not with you. Parents are so busy, and even some grandparents are still working and do not have time,  or live way too far away.  I am fortunate because I work in a home business which gives me a lot of freedom to spend more time with my grand kids.Healthy Children need to learn about cooking and preventing Obesity

So how do we teach them without using words like “you will get fat if you eat this” or even using ourselves as examples “Eat bad and you will end up looking like me”  or “Don’t do what I did, do what I say”.  Let’s start by setting some healthy intentions.  I started a very healthy program back in 2010, so my grand kids see me eating very healthy and I think these habits are brushing off on them.  I encourage them to drink lots of water and we have a fridge that dispenses water and ice.  I show them the difference with cooking oils.  That in our house we prefer Olive Oil.  Instead of salty potato chips for snacks we eat air popped popcorn, rice cakes, or even some of my healthy snacks that I eat.  I show them how important serving sizes are and let them use the scale so they can see what 4 ozs of meat compared to 6 or 8 ors looks like.  We also talk about vegetables and how good they are and that it is better to eat less protein and fill up with healthy vegetables.  They help cut carrots, I let them break up broccoli and cauliflower with their hands, or if we have frozen peas I get them to measure them and put them in a saucepan.  And when I am in the kitchen I will often ask them if they understand or have any questions.  And when we decide to have a desert, I get them to help put ideas together for a recipe which they seem to really love.  They have not grown up drinking sugary drinks or pop so they tend to like apples a lot.  But that might have to do with the apple corer/peeler we let them use.

Healthy Children – help them choose more healthy eating establishments

If you have to eat out, minimize the choices of places you will eat at. Not only will you teach them the healthiest places to eat but also educate them on why the other places are not healthy.  WithoutyMinimize the number of meals eaten outside of the home. Through better observance and control of meals in the house, parents are able to more closely monitor the quality of the food, the way that it is prepared, and the portion sizes for their children.
Set aside structured family meal times. While it’s not always possible, parents should try setting aside at least one night a week to come together and eat as a family. In addition, have children help prepare food so they will have a more positive attitude about meal time.
4 Tips to Cooking With Your Kids

  1. Enlisting the help of your kids to help in the kitchen can be a little intimidating, and cause for a headache. But with the following four tips, you can take some of the stress out, and focus on the fun!
  2. Set your kids up for success. Structure their work areas so that they are less likely to spill or break anything and give them age-appropriate tasks.
  3. Set aside a time for cooking when there are no added time constraints. For example, weekends and school holidays can be a great time to do some fun activities in the kitchen with your kids.
    The easier a meal is to prepare, the more likely kids will be to want to try making them again. Try starting with things like breads, muffins, pasta, smoothies, salads, and sandwiches.
  4. Focus on creating balanced meals. Encourage children to serve themselves a variety of foods including fruits and vegetables (even if they won’t eat all of them).

While it’s inevitable that kids will snack on unhealthy foods like potato chips at school or enjoy some ice cream for a friend’s birthday, what’s most important is how they eat most of the time. This is where parents play a huge role. Studies suggest that when children help with meal preparation, they are much more likely to give new foods a try all on their own (2). Children who are involved in preparation also have a more positive attitude toward healthy eating, and tend to enjoy an increased variety of foods, including those dreaded vegetables (2-5).

Outside of the nutritional benefits kids gain, they also gain a sense of accomplishment for having contributed something to the family by helping prepare the meal. Most importantly, it’s a fun opportunity to pull kids away from the television or other electronics, and spend quality time together trying something new as a family.

Nourish for Life why you should use it

Nourish for Life

Nourish for Life give you the nourishment you need on a daily basis, and Nourish for Life provides essential nutrients including B6 and B2. Why are these important? Vitamin B6 supports some of the body’s key functions including the nervous system and the immune system1, while vitamin B2 also contributes to normal vision1. Nourish for Life contains thiamine too, which supports the normal functioning of the heart

nourish for life

When the weather is warm, simply pour Nourish for Life over ice for a refreshing drink or dilute it by mixing it with cold water. Cold?  Swap the cold water for warm water and drink it like a tea.  Some people prefer Nourish for Life in the morning, while others prefer it in the evening or between meals. Try all three, and find your favourite!

Did you know

it is suitable for vegetarians and is free from dairy, gluten and soy to help enable even more people to enjoy and experience the benefits of this drink

How often should I drink it?

For ‘Deep Revitalising,’ drink 8 tablespoons (118 ml) with cold water four times a day. Deep Revitalising may be done for no more than two consecutive days. For ‘Everyday Revitalising,’ drink 2-4 tablespoons (30-59 ml) up to twice a day.

How can I buy it?

Buy it in one of our UK packs and systems. You can place orders in the UK from 15th May 2017 through an Associate or in the Back Office.


Isagenix athletes pro golfer

Isagenix athletes pro golfer

Isagenix athletes pro golfer story.


Since her youth, Anna Nordqvist an Isagenix athletes pro golfer,  has struggled with many food allergies and intolerances but has never let those stop her from becoming a successful athlete.

“Growing up in Sweden, breakfast was a ham and cheese sandwich, yogurt, or oatmeal – none of which I could have,” said Anna.

Anna has been allergic to flour, dairy, and oats since childhood and has more recently developed intolerances to certain fruits and nuts, making it difficult to get the nutrition she needs.

“I’ve never focused on what I can’t eat, just on what I can,” she said.

Being a Pro golfer is tough, especially when you have so many intolerances.  This Isagenix athletes pro golfer found the solution.

Anna has never given up on finding nutrition that gives her the fuel she needs, and after trying close to 15 different protein shake brands, she finally found the right match with Isagenix.

Isagenix athletes pro golfer
Pro Golfer Anna Nordqvist Hits a Hole-in-One With Isagenix



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