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Isagenix UK

has informed all Isagenix representatives in Canada, the USA, Australia and all open countries that they are now allowing you to pre enrol.  What does this mean?  When the products are available in the warehouse and Isagenix has officially launched, you will be able to purchase the products from me.  I am an Isagenix representative for the UK and my job is to answer any questions you have regarding the products.  I will keep you updated on the launch date which we expect to be in Q2.  It is important that you contact me as soon as possible to get a customer number.  This will allow you to order as soon as products are available.

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What Isagenix Products will be available in the UK?

At this time we can only show you what is available in Canada, the USA or Australia for example.  The prices will be set in UK  British Sterling and there will be taxes and shipping added.  As in every launch of any new product in a new country, it takes countless hours and manpower to get everything.  Every product must be approved by a Governing body and some Isagenix products names may have to be changed in order to be approved in that country.  This has happened in every country.


Isagenix UK launch will be massive and over 65 million people will witness the impact they will have on every single person

It was sad to hear that 67 percent of working-age men and 57 percent of working-age women in the UK are overweight.  On top of that there are millions of athletes looking for a competetive edge of premium quality nutrition to supplement their healthy lifestyle.  Isagenix plans to invite athletes at every level to try the products and witness the difference in their overall health and performance.

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What can Isagenix products do for you?

Watch this video.  Today is the Day that you say enough is enough.  You are tired of being tired.  Having no energy affects every part of your life.  Isagenix has inspired people of all ages to be the best they can be.  We are what we eat and we can not expect a different outcome if we do the same thing every single day.  Please watch the video below:
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