Amped Hydrate Isagenix buy in UK   Amped Hydrate Isagenix- who needs it? Athletes use Amped Hydrate to keep hydrated.  Triathlon and marathon athletes know the importance of hydration. Maintaining access to fluids during runs can be very challenging for most people . Having a squeeze bottle is a greatRead More →

Athletes use Isagenix Athletes use Isagenix because it is highly recommended by top personal trainers and nutritionists.  Isagenix provides athletes with products to improve performance and stamina.  Athletes biggest priority is keeping hydrate.  Athletes include golfers, soccer, hockey players,  certified professional trainers,  and top gyms in the UK.  The testimonials from Athletes are great.Read More →

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Isagenix Isabody Challenge Isagenix Isabody Challenge – what is it?  Where can I join? As Isagenix has finally launched in the UK, clients are busy preparing for their first Isabody Challenge.  Follow the program, enter by using a photo with you holding a newspaper to prove the date you started,Read More →

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Doctor John Anderson Isagenix – his story Doctor John Anderson Isagenix – how a spider bite lead John Anderson to becoming the Founder of one of the Largest Health and Wellness companies called Isagenix. . Doctor John Anderson Isagenix – the early years When Dr. John was a child his mother purchasedRead More →

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The UK Diet partners with Isagenix UK We are very excited to partner with one of the largest Health and Wellness companies.  Isagenix UK.  The UK Diet will be one of the official distributors for Isagenix products. In 2017 we are very excited to be launching a new program for clients in theRead More →

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Isagenix  Ireland Isagenix Ireland arrived on May 15th, 2017.   We are very excited to launch and looking for customers who are looking to try Isagenix for the first time.  Thousands of people have lost weight in 12 countries that Isagenix is open in.  In North America we have aRead More →

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Isagenix products UK  Isagenix products UK 30 day Energy and Performance System.  A complete 30 day system to improve energy and lose weight.  Used by customers to  lose 1 1/2 stone right up to 28 stone    30 day weight loss system with choice of flavours of shakes.  The #1 fullRead More →

e-Shot Isagenix natural caffeine shot All you need to know about e-Shot Isagenix natural caffeine shot WHO IS e-Shot DESIGNED FOR? e-Shot is designed for those looking for a more mental and/or physical performance boost, anyone looking to increase their body’s capacity to perform better under stressful circumstances, and anyone lookingRead More →

How to raise Healthy children – plant the seed early How to raise Healthy children: Healthy children learn very quickly and usually from their parents or grandparents.  I love to let my grandchildren into my kitchen. I find safe things that they can do and I explain everything to them.Read More →