Isagenix testimonials Isagenix testimonials from clients who have lost up to 400 lbs Isagenix just expanded into the UK on May 15th and has not yet launched a video of some of the incredible health stories yet.  This video is from North America where Isagenix launched: We are also inRead More →

The Science behind Isagenix. The Science behind Isagenix Listen to this video from Isagenix’s  top Nutritionist   We are Isagenix distributors and coaches.  We can show you how to incorporate Isagenix products in your life and educate you on many of their products.  Isagenix was formed in 2002 and isRead More →

Personal trainers UK Personal trainers UK partnering with Isagenix International Since the launch of Isagenix on May 15th, requests have been pouring in from Personal trainers.  Personal trainers are always looking for products that can help their clients performance or aid in their weight loss or health journey.  But it is theRead More →